Live Coverage || Bury Tomorrow @ Markthalle, 30/11/2019

Bury Tomorrow are currently on their Black Flame tour. I was lucky enough to catch them play at Markthalle in Hamburg on November 30th. They brought support from the UK with Employed To Serve and Blood Youth.

The night started with Blood Youth who I was super exited to see them again. They're definitely one of my favorite bands and their spring headline show earlier this year was my show of the year. Blood Youth sadly only played 5 songs but one of them was their new one called "Playing The Victim" and it's amazing!
Next up were Employed To Serve. I've seen them live before at Knockdown Fest last year
so I already knew how good they are live. They're not the type of band I would usually
listen to but I enjoy seeing them live. Justine Jones vocals are absolutely insane.
Then, Bury Tomorrow came on stage. They played "Black Flame" front to back and the
crowd seemed so exited and had so much fun. Everyone was jumping, singing,
moshing. It was such a pleasure to see the band so happy, you can always tell how much
they appreciate everyone for being there. They also played "You and I" which is an old
classic. It was a good choice to put it on the setlist, especially for the OG fans. 

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography

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