Live Coverage || Issues, Lotus Eater @ Musik & Frieden, 07/10/2019

After over two years of waiting, Issues finally returned to Europe. That alone made me incredibly happy and exited, but they also brought Lotus Eater from the UK with them on the “Beautiful Oblivion” Tour which made the whole thing even better. I caught them play at Musik & Frieden in Berlin on October 7th.

I’d been wanting to see Lotus Eater for quite some time, but I feel like they’re only now making their way over to Europe. They’re an absolutely incredible tech metal band and their sound is brutal. They just released their “Social Hazard” EP in spring and it’s a masterpiece. 10/10 live band. Gloom is our home. 

After the heavy band of the night left the stage, Issues took over, starting with a song called “Here’s To You”, one of my favorite ones from the new album. But before I talk about their performance I want to mention their acoustic “set”/meet & greet before the show at the Ramones museum. It was a intimate gathering of Issues fans and even though the band only played “Tapping Out” and Beautiful Oblivion“ the fans still loved and appreciated it. After that they made sure to meet everyone, talk and take pictures. Such a lovely band! 

Back to the actual gig. Issues played lots of songs off “Beautiful Oblivion” which I thought was great because I absolutely loved the album. They also threw some old ones in the mix, like “Never Lose Your Flames”, “COMA” and “Mad At Myself”. It was a great setlist in my opinion and I had the best time. I hope this time it doesn’t take them over two years to come back to Europe.

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography

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