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Issues just released their new album “Beautiful Oblivion” on October 4th via Rise Records. I’d been looking forward to this release for months. I knew that it was gonna be very R’n’B-influenced,  which they had already hinted with their previous album, “Headspace”, back in 2016 and of course with the departure of screamer Micheal Bohn in 2018. Back then it wasn’t my thing but now I feel like people are more open to “metalcore” bands being less heavy and kinda groovy, pop-like.

The album begins with “Here’s To You”. It has a super chill start and goes perfectly as a opening song. It has a strong chorus about a break-up and amazing instrumental work, especially the guitar riffs. Next up is “Drink About It”, which was the second single to be released. The pop chorus pairs super well with the heavy instrumentation while “Find Forever” is super catchy. The gospel inspired part in the end is so cool and fits in well with the whole vibe. The 4th song is “Tapping Out”, which was the first single to be released. It’s such a well written song in every way; super catchy and kind of a fan pleaser in the “metal” department. It’s not super heavy but it’s definitely one of the heavier songs on the album. Especially since AJ Rebollo got a screaming part, which is insanely good. Next up is “Without You”, which is definitely one of my favourite songs on “Beautiful Oblivion”. I would describe it like kind of a radio pop song but in the best way possible. It reminds me a little bit of a Hoodie Allen song. I just love the vibe of the whole song. Another favourite is “Rain”. That song makes me wanna dance through my house even though the lyrics are about
feeling unhappy, even if you just want to have a good time (“Why the hell is it raining so much?/ I’m just tryna have a good time”). “Downfall” is one of the heavier songs on the album. Super emotional lyric-wise but it also has a lot of power during the chorus. Next is “Second Best” which is also a heavier song. I think when Tyler Carter sings “You say it gets better/but I don’t wanna hear it/I wanna learn the hard way”, a lot of people are able to relate to that. The 9th song is called “Get it Right”. Again, it has that R’n’B/Hip-Hop vibe again, kind of chill but I have to say that it’s one of my least favourite songs on the album. But then it gets right back in the energetic mood with “Flexin”. I think this one is the most controversial on the album and I totally see why. It doesn’t have any heavy instrumental background but it’s super catchy, and I think it’s totally a happy song. You maybe gotta listen to it a coupe times but I think it was a brilliant move to release it as the last single before the album dropped. Then we have “No Problem (Keep It Alive)”. It has groovy chorus but it’s also not my favourite. Every album needs to have at least one ballad and Issues decided to name theirs “Your Sake”. It’s about relationships and a good Grand Finale song.
In my opinion it should’ve maybe been the last song. Instead, “Beautiful Oblivion” got the closing slot. There, the band is bringing back the guitars while singing about their love for music and how beautiful is it. Super groovy song, it’s a yes from me.

I think that “Beautiful Oblivion” is Issues best work to date, even though I still love their self-titled to pieces. It’s obviously super different but once you became open for their new style, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying this masterpiece.
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