Hippie Trim to release debut album

Scattered all over the German Rhine and Ruhr area, Hippie Trim are rather described as a boygroup than fuelling prejudices against their music with too many genretypical descriptions. The band emerged from the ashes of Earl Grey and after their disbanding in 2018, four members moved on with the creation of Hippie Trim. The quintet, now consisting of Malte Unnasch (vocals), Lukas Andrzejewski (bass/vocals), Moritz Mewes (guitar/vocals), Tristan Bäumer (guitar) and Luc Jouon (drums), made their presence known when they released their first single, "Supersonic", in May of 2019. 

The following month, Hippie Trim performed their debut show having sold out the venue in presale and in July, they embarked on a short trip across Germany supporting Drug Church. Patrick Kindlon, frontman for the latter, was so excited about the support band that, on the same tour, he recorded a feature for a song titled "Blasphemy". The second single was released shortly after, in August. Bassist Lukas Andrzejewski looks back on this furious start: “Already at our second show we played along with a band that had a huge impact on us. Aside from that, it’s really cool but also surprising how positive our sound is received everywhere. People from totally different corners of the world have contacted us or written about our music in glowing terms. We wouldn’t have expected that happening so fast.”

Hippi Trim’s mixture of pop punk and hardcore, is hard to be found on the European continent. Their influences vary from the melodic pop punk of The Story So Far, Title Fight and Four Year Strong to the quirky in-your-face attitude of Angel Du$t and Turnstile, with some Blink-182 sprinkles in the mix. The band has recently announced the release of their debut album, "Cult", on November 29 2019 via Redfield Records (pre-orders are available now here). 

"CULT" Tracklisting:

1. Supersonic
2. Can’t Stop
3. Nobody
4. Tools Will Be Tools
5. Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas
6. Blasphemy feat. Patrick Kindlon
7. Silver Spoon
8. Join The Cult
9. Wicca

10. All The Same

Expanding their work to a broader audience, Hippie Trim recently launched the lyric video for the third single, "Join The Cult", paying homage to the 'cult' they have built around their music. The fact may not seem revolutionary at first sight but it is certainly a serious concern for them to communicate their attitude respectively their belief. Guitarist Tristan Bäumer sums up the Cult: “It is representing our relationship to music and the world in general. We want to be a band that everyone can be a part of. We stand for friendship and solidarity. Despite our nihilistic approach to life without any specific hopes or plans for the future, we don’t just kill time, we make the best of it.” As emotionally charged as the band philosophy are the songs on ‘Cult’. While ‘Can’t Stop’ and ‘Tools Will be Tools’ openly criticize the superficial consumer society and the omnipresent egoism, ‘Join the Cult’ is picking up the idea of unity which is so important to Hippie Trim: “We’re offering everyone to join us. The song is about helplessness and depression but also about dedication and decisiveness. No matter how deep you’re stuck in shit, the sun will shine for you again and that is something that is worth fighting for”, Tristan explains and once more making clear, how much positive energy the band is drawing from its ideas.

Hippie Trim is playing in Iserlohn, Germany on Friday October 18, RSVP here.

Connect with the band:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hippietrim/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/hippietrim
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hippietrim
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