Live Coverage || Warrel Dane acoustic set @ Remedy club (Athens), 10/11/2015

Last night I had the chance to see one of my favorite artists do what he does best: mesmerize the crowd with his astonishing voice. But let's get this from the top, shall we?
On november 10th, the day after his official club show, Warrel Dane (formerly of Nevermore, Sanctuary & solo artist) was scheduled to perform his first ever acoustic show. Anticipation grew day by day. When I arrived at the venue, the first support act was reaching the end of their setlist. Up next was The Silent Wedding. I am familiar with their name, but the music isn't really my cup of tea. Acoustically, they were pretty decent, playing their own songs and a few covers (which admittedly were not that impressive) but warmed enough the crowd for what was to follow.
At 10:50 Warrel stepped on stage and started his experiment with "Believe In Nothing", followed suite by "Insignificant". It was nothing like we had heard. The singer was in a good mood, asking if we were "feeling mellow yet", fucking around about his experiment and joking that he's a "closet goth", having to keep the atmosphere to songs that are originally heavy. He then proceeded to play "Forever" and "Dreaming Neon Black". One thing I noticed, though, was how he mainly used his lower and middle register but not his infamous high notes. By the time he played "The Heart Collector", his voice had clearly warmed up and his performance got more intense. Dane admitted that the band hadn't really rehearsed for that set and joked that, since people wouldn't have the chance to mosh, the band "was playing love metal" but that "[he's] not HIM!". Theatrical as ever, he then performed "Emptiness Unobstructed" with the band slightly falling behind but managing to cope. That's also something I noticed; Warrel would at times fasten the tempo of his singing, slightly mismatching the sound of the instruments but without making the whole experience unpleasant whatsoever. As the night was all about a new experience, the band decided to take the experiment (which "could [easily] go terribly wrong") to the next level, by covering Duran Duran's "Ordinary World". Let me tell you, it was pretty enjoyable. The final couple of songs were "Brother", from Warrel's solo project and Sanctuary's "Future Tense". After an hour of pure pleasure, Warrel bid us farewell.

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