Live Coverage || Togetherfest 2016 feat. Gorilla Biscuits, Modern Life Is War, Touché Amoré, Miles Away & Gwlt @ Astra, 27/02/2016

I'll be very frank with my intentions of attending this very show -I mean besides the obvious fact that two of my favorites and a legendary must-see band were touring together. It was a much needed getaway and the exigence to blow off a lot of steam at an actual hardcore show. Thankfully, it was exactly as I expected it to be.

At 6PM Gwlt got on stage with a hip hop-esque intro. By that time people were still scattered around the venue, catching up and drinking beer. The band had every good intention to put on a remarkable performance but didn't start very well. They built up as they went, eventually getting groovier and more melodic but, despite the overall effort, they didn't catch the crowd's attention until the end. I don't think it's the band's fault though. There's so many bands playing this style of music, and such oversupply, it's not even funny anymore and therefore making it difficult for musicians to prove themselves.. 
Up next was Miles Away from literally miles away Australia. They went straight to the point, with their energy flowing in the venue. More people made their way into the premises to see them. They had a very good presence, which really boosted their trademark hardcore punk sound.
Moving towards the front, I was pumped to see Touché Amoré again. Straight out of the studio recording the new album, their excitement to be back on stage was more than obvious. Jeremy Bolm had a constant smile on his face, thanking people with his (now) raspy voice for turning up. The setlist consisted of a good balance between the first and later releases in a good order. Since the very first moment, the people on the front were singing loudly and pushing their way to the stage. Jeffrey Eaton from MLIW was sidestage watching, even sang a part of "Always Running...". As their set was reaching the end with "Gravity Metaphorically", Jeremy asked for a circlepit, and then proceeded to play a new song, which was very well received. "Honest Sleep" closed the performance once more, with Jeremy jumping in the crowd and giving up the mic to anyone willing to scream the final part. I remained on the front of the stage eager for what was coming next.
As soon as Modern Life Is War stepped on stage, they didn't even bother introducing themselves before blasting "Fever Hunting". Their energy was completely overwhelming. Jeffrey Eaton dedicated the next tracks to "the freaks and the outsiders". Enter "Outsiders" and "Martin Atchet". By that time, kids were already stagediving and singing at the top of their lungs. The setlist was quite similar in terms of content to the show in Paris, some songs missing due to the shorter stage time, but still revolving around "Witness". The emotional burden came with "Marshalltown" (also, unexpectedly dedicated to yours truly), with Jeffrey performing a rather dangerous somersault on stage. Things got quiet after a while and a clear question sounded: if anybody knew the lyrics to their songs. Without further ado, Jeremy Bolm joined them onstage to perform "D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S.". The band finished off the performance again with scrapes, scratches and sweat "a slow-dance song", "Hair Raising Accounts...".
Gorilla Biscuits is one of the bands that people grow up listening to and associating with through memories of being teenagers and skateboarding. The venue being packed (I was in the back at that point with very little sight of the stage), the band was there to prove that hardcore has no age and to deliver a highly driven show. Take notes, kids. This is "Introduction to a great show 101" -the attendants can confirm it. The heated atmosphere didn't stop the kids from bouncing until the back and constantly stagediving, the band joking that "if (they) broke something already, it's a good show!". The mayhem that ensued classic songs like "High Hopes" and "Hold Your Ground" can't be accurately described. Of course the covers were present, fueling the kids even more. Coming to an end, we all realized that "it's too late for bullshit" and that we should "Start Today".

(On a slight side note, I witnessed an incident that night which I really need to address. As we were marching towards the exit, some drunk guys started pushing eachother, the security guards breaking it off and literally kicking them out of the venue. In the process, some girl was pushed over so she pushed back. The guards immediately shoved her,and then shoved her again as soon as she stood back up. before dragging her out. This behavior is intolerable. It's not just about hurting a woman, but about hurting any individual who possibly got injured by your own aggressive actions. Of course I'm not implying they shouldn't do their job in order to keep the crowd safe during the show. It has come to my attention though that over the past couple of years security guards in Germany tend to be on a powertrip, highly mistreating people when they're getting out of the venue. Violence is uncalled for in any case and not condoned, as it's used to degrade and humiliate people in a more vulnerable position -either inebriated or physically smaller. Promoters should look into such conducts and take measures.)

*Flyer credit to the artist, picture taken by me.
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