Live Coverage || Deez Nuts, EndCycle, Cartilage @ AN Club (Athens), 14/07/2015

We can all agree that Tuesday is not always deemed a successful choice when it comes to show organization. However, this was hardly the case for Deez Nuts' second performance on athenian ground.
It was around 10 when Cartilage got onstage. Their newschool (metallic) hardcore sound was not my cup of tea, but their stage presence was rather decent.
Hailing from Salonica, EndCycle were up next. Their sound was more appealing to my ears, if I'm being honest. Drawing elements from modern metalcore, their 30-minute-long performance was pretty impressive. Closing their setlist with a new song, they passed the torch to the australian party animals.
I'm not by any means new to Deez Nuts' music. Having seen them twice before, and having heard about the (drunken) shenanigans they pulled last time they were in town, I must admit I was somewhat sceptical of the outcome.
By the time they started, some 100 kids of all ages had gathered. Again, their stage presence was noteworthy and on point. The setlist revolved around their latest opus, "Word Is bond",  with some older hits, such as "DTD", "Stay True", "Your Mother Should Have Swallowed You" and "I Hustle Every Day" to spice things up. People kept singing along (and stagediving for the most part) even to the recently released tracks. The band seemed to have a good time; JJ Peters kept passing the mic around, thanking everyone who showed up. After 45' of sweaty groovy tunes, goodbyes were said with "Band Of Brothers".
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