Live Coverage || Lacuna Coil, Motionless In White, Devilment @ Gruenspan (Hamburg), 12/11/2014

Hey everyone! I need to apologize in advance for the delay, the length of this post and any typos you may encounter as I'm writing on my phone and it's not easy to proofread it. Here we go.
At 8 sharp, a grandiose intro sounded and Devilment stepped on stage. I was admittedly curious to hear what Dani Filth's new project was all about. As soon as the music started, I got my hopes high. When the vocals started, though, my anticipation blew up. Because, while the rest of the band and the compositions in general were very promising, Dani  was plain garbage. His trademark squeal barely made it to the right pitch without sounding like a screeching cat. He was a mere caricature of his usual stage personna dragging the rest of the band down, in a hopless endeavor to save what was left of his legacy. He was actually surprised that despite the considerable turnout and the overall applause people refused to respond to his gimmicks.
At 8.50 Motionless In White took over the stage with their new track, "Reincarnate". Their energy was contageous from the first notes while the sound was clear and edgy. Jumping to their previous album, " Sick From The Melt" followed. As Chris Motionless thanked the crowd, he announced that the next song would "go out to Mr. Dani Filth" (who was nowhere to be found though, despite the fact that he contributed to the recorded version). Thus, Chris sang both vocal parts on "Puppets 3" and I must admit that I was genuinely surprised. Truth is, I'd never been a huge fan of his vocal abilities but he proved me wrong. The setlist kept balancing between their latest opus, "Reincarnate", and " Infamous". "Abigail", the sole track off of "Creatures" was dedicated to all those who knew who the band was before that night's show, with Devin "Ghost" Sola seconding Chris' screams. The band ended their performance with "A.M.E.R.I.C.A." (where Josh Balz didn't sing the chorus to my dismay) and "Devil's Night". I never thought I'd say this, but these guys made it to my favorite live bands with a single show. It's a shame that they remain so underrated when they put on such an amazing performance.
It was about 10 when the intro sounded and Lacuna Coil took over with " Trip The Darkness". Their stage presence was arguably darker than the past but very enjoyable regardless. Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro did a great job, both sounding amazingly clear, hitting perfactly all their high notes. "Spellbound" and "Intoxicated" followed. Cristina took the chance to have a little speach afterwards, pointing out that only when you reach the bottom you can go up. What's more, not only didn't they omit their older and classic songs but made some additions as well, so when they asked the crowd "to sing loud and clear and enjoy the silence", panic followed. For the encore, " Nothing Stands In Our Way" and "Our Truth" closed fittingly the show,leaving us with good memories.
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