Live Coverage || Terror, Nails, Risk It!, Redemption Denied @ Lido (Berlin), 5/3/2015

Guess who's back, back again; El is back, tell a friend. Don't know for how long, but for the moment I am. But let's cut to the chase now, shall we? ;)
It was around 7.45 when Redemption Denied hit the stage and people started showing up gradually. Their sound was rather decent. The kids like(d) them but to me they portrayed every hardcore cliché/stereotype including useless (lyric-related) speaches that no one really cared to hear before the songs and gimmicks to further cconfirm they're "trying oh so hard". 
Up next was Risk It!. I've had the pleasure to see them once before and I must admit it was a pure revelation. By that time, the venue was almost packed and the band played "at home". Their energy and groovy sound got a few kids to move and engage in the first stagedives of the evening. The band didn't disappoint, as people took the mic and screamed along, with the vocalist inviting "skins, punks, hardcore [kids to be] together as one".
When it comes to Nails, I can't be objective. I just can't. I've been wanting to see them for the longest time and am a very big fan of their work. As soon as they stepped on stage, I knew I would be witnessing something insanely beautiful. "God's Cold Hands" blasted and people were lost in the noise. The sound was muffled at times but people didn't seem to bother. The band kept a pretty good balance between the old and new songs, even though they insisted a bit more on "Abandon All Life". They thanked Terror multiple times for bringing them out to Europe and, with more people participating, they ended the set with "Wide Open Wound" and "Scapegoat".
It was time for Terror to tear the place apart. Starting off with an intro from "The 25th hour" and another new song, the band got the kids all worked up. Scott Vogel exclaimed his delight that after a while there wasn't a barricade and how this was "a true hardcore show", and then proceeded to invite people to stagedive and move closer. The setlist was not very different from the last time I saw them, with the addition of a couple older songs. People were bouncing and flying everywhere, practically fighting to catch the mic that Scott deliberately threw at them on multiple occasions. It was probably one of the hottest shows I've been to, not only temperature wise. The sequence of "Life And Death", "Push It Away" and "You're Caught" got half the room jumping and singing at the top of their lungs whilst during "Overcome", Todd form Nails grabbed the mic to sing a verse. With "Keepers Of The Faith" and "Keep Your Mouth Shut", the band ended their set; people kept screaming for "one more song" but Scott dismissed them, as "even though flattering, this is a thing for rockstars and [they] play hardcore".
All in all, Nails was right; Terror IS the best live hardcore band -and every single performance reaffirms that, might I add.
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