Live Coverage || Stampin' Ground's "The Rebirth tour" w/ Eden Demise, Hardfaced, Never-Trust @ AN Club (Athens), 10/10/14

This was positively one of the most anticipated shows in our little city. At around 9.30 Never-Trust took the stage. I've been fortunate to follow them since (almost) the very beginning and am exceptionally proud of how they have evolved both musically and how they move on stage. Their sound was unexpectedly good (rare for the venue) so it marked a very good beginning. Some kids of the local scene were already familiar with their sound and started warming up by moshing and singing along. Towards the end of the performance the old vocalist joined them for the self-titled track and a new-one, which closed the performance. What surprised me the most about this show was that the crowd ranged from every scene and age. 
Short change-over and Hardfaced went on. I'd already seen them once a couple of years back and they had left me with a pretty good impression. The sextet's straightforward music with the two vocalists and the metal solos definitely gave an interesting tone in the evening and served its purpose; to warm up the crowd even more before the heavy artillery was unleashed.
Eden Demise is a band that you either love or hate. There's no inbetween. From the first moment they stepped onstage they grabbed the bull by the horns. Despite lacking a second guitar, their sound was solid and massive as ever. The setlist contained some pretty good references to the older material and gave the crowd a pretty good perspective of the upcoming release, as the vocalist called the kids to keep doing some "old school karate dancing". The only downside was that, even though people remained around to watch the band, some people of the local scene went upstairs skipping most of the guys' performance, if not all. Talk about unity and non-elitism in the scene...
It was almost midnight when the intro sounded and the brits made their appearance. The rhythmic chant of "hey" 's brought more people to the front, making the eagerness grow. The band was on fire from the very beginning (despite some bass strap malfunction). The setlist consisted of hit songs which was very reasonable for a reunion show, and people flying everywhere. "Dead From The Neck Up" and "Bear My Scars" kept pouring gasoline into the crowd, while Adam separated the pit to form a wall of death for "Everybody Owes A Death". They kept thanking the crowd for coming out to the show and for supporting them throughout the years, as they've faced numerous difficulties on the road and they've always been considered as the underdogs, introducing that way "By Whatever Means Necessary", and asking us to "represent (our) fucking city". For "Pain Is Weakness...", Adam called the kids to help him out and they responded with great satisfaction (and rather hurriedly might I add). They chose to finish their set  with a declaration that they don't know if they're back for good or not but what lays in the future remains to be seen and "Officer Down". The song was met with even more people stage-diving and Adam being lifted by the crowd. After a good hour the band left the stage with a heavy round of applause and the crowd begging for more.
It was hands down one of the most energetic experiences I've ever been a part of and I most certainly hope Stampin' Ground is here to stay.
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