Live Coverage || Deez Nuts, Obey The Brave, Stray From The Path, Heart In Hand, Relentless @ Posthalle (Wurzburg) 30/11/2013

So, here’s the final review of my trip. 6 days to see 5 shows in 4 different cities. Every day (and night) was a great experience, with new places to see and new people to meet, making new friends and discovering new music.
Unfortunately,  the doors opened 30’ before the event indicated so I missed Relentless, much to my dismay.
Heart In Hand is one of the new bands that have recently caught my attention. As soon as they started playing, they made sure that they didn’t go unnoticed. They were restless, constantly moving and with a good feedback from the crowd, especially on the first rows. Overall, it was a very pleasing sight and I wish I was more familiar with their material before seeing them.
Stray From The Path is next. It’s the second time that I get to see them. Before my first encounter with them, I had only known them by name. Now I can proudly say that I’m a fan. Their gushing performance started with “Badge And A Bullet” and was succeeded by “Negative And Violent”. They kept encouraging the kids to crowd surf and go crazy. Jon Green of Deez Nuts tagged along on “Radio” screaming Jesse Barnett’s parts. The vocalist expressed his love for Germany because they always respond to the music and went on with “Scissor Hands” and “Bring It Back to The Streets” to close their performance.
Obey The Brave is another band that I’ve wanted to see for a long time. I missed them on the Emmure tour earlier this year and I was pretty curious on what to expect. The band was very vivid and aggressive since the beginning, not leaving any room for misinterpretation: They were there to lay the place to waste. Alex Erian kept on moving up and down, stirring up the crowd. Upon the introduction to “Full Circle” he invited the kids to headbang and crowd surf (which they gladly did). By the time the set was over, circle pits were advancing through the whole arena.

Time was for the headliners to take over. They made a pretty dynamic entrance with “Shot After Shot” and “DTD” paired up. Being reasonably tight, they brought the house down and moved to an “oldie but goodie”. “Stay True” was introduced with the guys from SFTP assuming the band’s instruments and taking it from there. The venue kept singing along the whole time, making it a big fucking party. ‘Twas the second time I saw them in 9 months and my opinion on them remains yet the same. I tend to have a good time when they play but they’re definitely not my cup of tea. Therefore, as some point I grew tad tired of their antics. They faced some technical difficulties, which RealBad claimed to be happening “every fucking night” and proceeded to play “Your Mother Should Have Swallowed You” with most of the kids shouting along to the lyrics and pushing each other. The main set was over with “Tonight We’re Gonna Party”. However, they came back for the encore, consisting of “I Hustle Everyday” and “Band Of Brothers”. After a long hour, they left the stage with the kids praising them.
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