Live Coverage || Progression Tour 2014 featuring Caliban, The Ghost Inside, The Devil Wears Prada, I Killed The Prom Queen, Breakdown Of Sanity @ Theaterfabrik (Munich), 18/5/2014

A/N: Long time no post, I know, I've been neglecting my blogs again. Even when I wanted to write a new review, my schedule wouldn't really allow me to, so after a handful of shows I'm back for the time being.
Let me start by saying that upon arrival (and throughout the day) Munich definitely kicked my ass. I had been really looking forward to that show for the longest time and I was stoked to be back in Germany even for two brief days. 
Unfortunately, luck wasn't on my side and by the time the line started moving and I got in the premises Breakdown Of Sanity was already halfway through the set. I was arguably impressed by the quality of the sound. The band was very energetic and the kids had formed a big and heated circle pit towards the front -it must have been one of the hottest shows I've ever attended. They kept calling the crowd to participate and move around more (in German, but the sign language for concerts is universal) and after one more song, they passed the torch to Prom Queen.
Truth is, whilst the Aussies were setting up, I couldn't take my eyes off of Jona Weinhofen's beard (sorry not sorry, that thing is REAL). I'm pretty sure that those guys must have had a couple of batteries up their asses because as soon as they started they didn't stop moving erratically. This energy was soon reflecting on the crowd whose feedback was intense, especially on "Brevity". The alternation between screams and clean vocals was perfectly delivered by Jamie Hope and Jona respectively. As for the setlist, it was a pretty good showcase of their work over the years with the "hits" of their latest album standing out. "Say Goodbye", a blast from the past, closed their performance in the best way possible.
The Devil Wears Prada was the third band on this bill that I wanted to check out of pure curiosity. I haven't really been that familiar with their music, if I'm being honest, with the exception of "With Roots Above And Branches Below" which I actually own. The band took the stage by storm and played almost half their set without a break between songs. The feedback they got was mental, as we witnessed the first crowdsurfing of the night. What was really noticeable, though, is that they avoided playing songs from their first releases, and that they didn't include "Martyrs" off of their latest album... The setlist featured about 2 songs from each record since 2009 and after 30' they left the stage.
The Ghost Inside was up next -and you know what they say: third time's a charm. I swear this band gets better each and every time. The kids were singing from th every first notes of "Engine 45" and "Unspoken". Vigil dedicated the next song ("Chrono") to the "Returners" -got it?;)- who keep coming out to shows and on "The Great Unknown" he ordered the audience to form a rather successful wall of death. The band's performance was excellent, with the addition of Chris Rubey from TDWP filling in for Aaron Brooks. "Outlive" and "Thirty Three" followed with Vigil sharing the mic with a kid standing on the barrier. "Faith or Forgiveness" finds the vocalist in the crowd and finally "Dark Horse" closes the performance with us cheering for one more song.
Caliban is another band that I've seen twice in the past (the last time being two months ago in my hometown). Now that the Germans were playing on german soil, it should be REALLY interesting. And boy, was I right. "King" set the mood for destruction and the band had the kids singing along to "We Are The Many". The setlist was the one they played in Athens but in a different order, consisting of the perfect balance between new and older material. The artwork of "Ghost Empire" was re-enacted on stage and the lightshow along with the smoke gave the illusion of pyros. The band was tight and seemed to enjoy the mayhem they created. Towards the end, the place was a big fucking party. After a good hour, and an encore, the band said goodbyes leaving us with emories of a trully good show.
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