Live Coverage || Touche Amore, Self Defense Family, Dad Punchers @ Jugendhaus West (Stuttgart), 29/11/2013

I arrived successfully to the fourth show of my “tour”. It was a very last-minute addition to the schedule and it made it complete. Last year I got very close to seeing Touche Amore but some other plans made it pretty much impossible.
The venue was pretty small (it serves as a youth center, if I’m not mistaken) but packed by the time Dad Punchers came on stage. Their melodic punk rock was good and the guys had a pleasant presence. The vocalist kept saying how glad he was that on a Friday night so many people showed up and that this very venue was one of his favorite places to play.
Self Defense Family followed. Their sound was more fitting to the headliners. They started out good and the vocalist gave a speech about how every artist is a “conceited asshole” since making and sharing music automatically entails wanting some sort of recognition and therefore is an egotistical act. However, the guy crossed the line several times with his pretty bad sense of humor to the point of being almost offensive. Frankly, that guy’s whole attitude because of being butthurt ruined it for me and I couldn’t enjoy their set.
As soon as Touche Amore stepped on stage, they were greeted by a huge applause. The whole room started singing from the very first note with the kids bouncing and moshing. The sound was exceptionally good for such a small space while the setlist focused on “Parting the Sea…” and “Is Survived By”. “Harbor” was met with people flying and singing really loud, only to be followed by “”Home Away From Here”. After that, the band took the opportunity to thank the kids for showing up, as it was their first headlining tour in a long time and they sold out the venue. “Gravity Metaphorically” ended the main part of the set. For the encore, “Non Fiction” and “Honest Sleep” made the kids go crazy, pretty much lifting Jeremy Bolm  and having him in the middle of the crowd. The latter was left for us to sing at the top of our lungs, our voices filling the room.

I had imagined many times what this show would be like but in reality, there’s no comparison. It was very intense; hands down one of the best shows  I’ve ever attended.
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