Live Coverage || Heaven Shall Burn, Hypocrisy, Dying Fetus, Bleed From Within @ Kesselhaus (Munich), 28/11/2013

Third day on the road, even though I didn’t have to literally travel today. After doing some basic sightseeing in the city, I made my way through the snow to the venue.
At 6:45, “III” sounded and Bleed From Within made their appearance. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a very clear sound (neither did any of the other bands for that matter) and the lead guitar was not very audible. “Colony” set the band on fire, with Scott Kennedy (despite being slightly electrocuted at some point) inviting the few kids on the front to “throw their fists in the air”. The crowd’s response was poor, but the band kept playing as if they had hundreds of people in front of them. The songs were mainly off of “Uprising”, which was a pleasant surprise. Thankfully, there was some more participation on the last couple of songs. Personally, I really enjoyed their performance as I’ve wanted to check them playing for quite some time now.
Dying Fetus was next and took the stage by storm. I’d never been their biggest fan but I was more than curious to see them on stage. The band was extremely tight. Their rhythm section was solid cement and people were really enjoying it. Despite the lack of a good sound, they managed to get more people involved, preparing the ground for Hypocrisy.
As expected, Hypocrisy brought the house down with people crowdsurfing from the very first songs. Peter Tagtgren is a musician that I really look up to and whose personality definitely reflects on his music. The band’s presence was overly energetic, earning some very good reactions from the crowd even when they “slowed down a bit” with “Eraser”.  Everyone was now prepared for the Germans.

I’ve had the chance to see Heaven Shall Burn in the past in intimate shows so It was pretty intricate to see them in a “home show”. I was pleasantly surprised. From the first notes, the band had a huge feedback. People were constantly moving until the back of the arena and singing to all the lyrics. The basis of the setlist was their latest opus. One thing I noticed upon entering the venue was a Sea Shepherd booth. My question was later answered when they projected a short clip of the organization before “Hunters Will Be Hunted" started. Shortly after that, “Black Tears” and “The Weapon They Fear” sounded and people went nuts. I swear I saw a couple of kids coming out bleeding. On the encore, the choice was pretty obvious, with “Awoken/Endzeit” and “Valhalla”, with the whole arena bouncing. This band is a safe bet when it comes to playing  shows. To me, Heaven Shall Burn is a great band and seeing them in their own country with all those lunatics only confirmed it. 
Stuttgart is next.
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