Live Coverage || Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil, Sights & Sounds @ Theaterfabrik (Munich), 27/11/2013

Second post on the traveler series. Those two first shows were the axis of my trip. I’ve wanted to see Sights & Sounds for a very long time so when I noticed one single European date announced back in July, I looked It up and discovered the bands that they would be touring with. Under any other circumstances, I wouldn’t attend such a show, as I’m not a fan of either BMTH or PTV but the occasion was very special for me to pass it.
At around 8, the lights went down and the intro started. S&S took over the stage blasting “Storm And The Sun”, followed by “Shudder St. Kilda”. I doubt that many people in the premises knew who the band was but they seemed to have a good time anyway. The sound was quite good , allowing the band to prove themselves. The setlist was mainly focused on “Monolith”, with only two additions off of the recently released “The Silver Door”. “Poli’s Song” got some kids to form a small pit, and after 30’ on stage, the band bid us farewell.
Next up was Pierce The Veil. People (teenage girls mainly) started screaming and cheering the second the band walked on stage. Their sound was not very clear from the first song, as the instruments were buried under the drums and the vocals were considerably low. They didn’t seem to bother though and kept going, igniting frenzied reactions. Their communication with the crowd was also quite good, which only made people scream louder. One thing I noticed, though, was how  Vic avoided hitting some high notes (“Hell Above” being the most noticeable example). Overall, they did good but could've been better.
In the changeover, I spotted some long haired dudes that looked awfully familiar. It was Bleed From Within, who would be playing there the following day. Apparently, they had a show cancelled and they ended up spending the day in Munich…

 When we walked back in the venue, people were squeezing until the entrance. As the intro started, the Brits assumed their positions and started playing. The crowd’s response was immediate. Kids were pushing on the front and singing along to all the songs. I’ve got to admit that it was a pretty impressive thing to watch, with the lightshow and the band jumping around even though Oli’s stage presence was very disappointing as he would barely move around. The sound quality was arguably better than the previous bands. Their set was based on “Sempiternal”, but also doing good references to the older albums with tunes such as “Diamond’s Aren’t Forever” and “Chelsea Smile”. It was definitely better than I expected, I must admit that, but they still ain’t my cup of tea. After about 70’, they finished the encore with  “Sleepwalking”, and the whole venue singing along.
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