Live Coverage || Bane, Power Trip, BLKOUT @ 11er (Frankfurt), 26/11/2013

Hello everyone! This is the first report of the week I’ll be spending in Germany for shows. It took me several months to properly organize every little detail and I’m happy that I get to share this experience with you. And what better kick-off than a Bane show.
Before I start, I have to note that I wasn’t at all familiar with the sound of the other two bands. BLKOUT was up first. The Australian 5-piece showed straight away that they weren’t kidding. Their presence was pretty professional but their sound was not original. Even though things got tad more interesting after the fourth song, overall they didn’t  impress the kids before them. After some 25’, they passed the torch.
Power Trip was definitely a revelation to me. They had a thrashier approach that got the kids on the front to start moving. The recipe was simple: intense energy, tight performance, solid basslines and fast solos, combined with a merciless vocalist, definitely make an outstanding act. I was positively impressed by their set and I will keep an eye on them in the future.
It was around 10 when Bane took the stage by storm with “Some Come Running”. The response of the crowd was immediate. Coming up was “Swan Song”, a personal favorite. People were singing and stagediving everywhere (not always successfully, I might add) but they were all living in the moment.. After the extended ending of the song, they took some time to thank people for coming out, as this was the first time they ever played in Frankfurt. As soon as they continued playing, the kids were getting progressively wilder. “Can We Start Again” and “My Therapy” caused complete and utter mayhem in the premises. It’s incredible how people in their early twenties can’t deliver such energy, let alone on the final show after 25 consecutive days on the road. The band announced that around March they will release their final album and that they will be back in Europe for a festival run. The set kept coming back and forth to all the releases and eventually ended with an encore and a very well-deserved long applause.
I can frankly say that I could barely contain my inner fangirl and that “excitement” is probably an understatement. Today I’m traveling to Munich, stay tuned for updates.

~XO, Elnr –aka. Le voyageur du monde
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