New shows/winter plan

I've been trying for the past three days to update my showcase list until the end of the year. However, Blogger won't allow me to. The application doesn't let me update my "callendar" (which is a Text Widget), let alone create one anew when I deleted it. From what I read, it's a common problem that users encounter lately. Anyways, so far I've found some lovely shows both in my hometown and abroad for the next months. Here we go:

26/10/2013 - Karma Violens, Kin Beneath Chorus, All Vows Collapse, Deeds Not Words, Royalty // Kyttaro, Athens, GR
14/11/2013 - Orange Goblin // AN Club, Athens, GR

23/11/2013 - Mortal Torment, MurderMadeGod, Abnormal Inhumane, Grassroll // 7Sins, Athens, GR
26/11/2013 - Bane, Powertrip, Blkout // 11er, Frankfurt, D
27/11/2013 - Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil, Sights & Sounds // Theaterfabrik, Munich, D
28/11/2013 - Veto Tour MMXIII featuring Heaven Shall Burn, Hypocrisy, Dying Fetus, Bleed From Within // Kesselhaus, Munich, D

30/11/2013 - Deez Nuts, Obey The Brave, Stray From The Path, Heart In Hand, Relentless // Posthalle, Wurzburg, D
I long to meet old friends and make some new as well.
When I'm back from Germany, I will make my newest update for the tour(s) I plan to attend in early 2014.

Edit: Apparently, I had missed the Touché Amoré European tour announcement and I get to see them in Stuttgart. 6 days in south Germany / 5 shows / 4 cities. Stoked.

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