Live Coverage || The Amity Affliction, Landscapes, In Hearts Wake, April Uprising @ Magnet Club (Berlin), 18/09/2013

So, we are back at it again. The past few months have been disturbingly quiet for me concert-wise. Even thought this wasn't the first show of the season I attended, it was definitely my longest anticipation -and motive- in order to get the blog running again. The european leg of the Brothers In Arms tour, featuring The Amity Affliction, Landscapes and In Hearts Wake, kicked off a couple of weeks ago and I got the chance to catch the show in Berlin.

When I got to the venue, a line of kids was already forming at the doors. After a while, I was inside and having found a nice spot, I waited for the first band to start. At 9 pm. sharp, April Uprising was up. The Germans found an genuine way to start their set; playing an intro with the guitarist and bassist off stage, running up and down among the crowd. They didn't have the best sound -all I could hear was the bass. However, I have to acknowledge the effort they put to motivate the kids to move, even by making them form a circle pit around the bassist. Musically, they weren't my cup of tea and after some 25' they left the stage.

In Heats Wake is a band that I wasn't particularly familiar with. As soon as they stepped on stage, their energy filled the room. The sound was definitely better at that point and the kids started participating more and more. I was really impressed, since I didn't know what to expect from the band but I'll keep an eye on them in the future.

I was told after the show that Landscapes was a personal choice of Amity's Joel Brich for the tour and I can assert the reason behind it. "Life Gone Wrong" has been part of my frequent playlists for quite some time now and I've grown more than eager to check them out. The quintet put on an amazing performance even though it was rather impossible to hear the vocals. The band was living in the moment. The crowd was also into it as more kids participated, some of them singing the lyrics. The dominating basslines along with the guitars created a mystical atmosphere, allowing Shaun to finally reach his catharsis after 30 minutes of fighting his own demons.

Time had finally come for The Amity Affliction to make their appearence. More kids moved towards the front and after an orchestral intro, the band blasted "Greens Avenue", followed by "RIP Bon". Crowdsurfings and moshing had already started, with the crowd screaming along. Their sound was pretty clear, even though I could barely hear Joel's vocals. Ahren Stringer's clean vocals, on the other hand, were pretty distinct despite failing to hit a couple of higher notes. The band focused more on their latest opus, "Chasing Ghosts", but also included the hit songs off of "Youngbloods" (such as "I Hate Hartly", "Anchors" and the title track). They also chose to play the cover of Lana Del Rey's "Born To Die". Joel's interaction with the crowd was remarkable; he didn't cease to thank the kids for gracing them with their presence and offering them the mic to sing. "Life Underground" was announced as the final song; the band left the stage only to return shortly after for the encore. The choice of "Open Letter" was absolutely fitting, as we all screamed on the top of our lungs in the choruses -and the band gladly let us do so.
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