Live Coverage || Tardive Dyskinesia release party w/ Yellow Devil Sauce, Still Falling, All Vows Collapse @ AN Club (Athens), 04/1/2013

The day of THE most anticipated concert finaly clocked in. Late arrival at the venue, lots of people waiting outside and longing for the prominent album of Tardive Dyskinesia. Nothing implied the massacre to come.
All Vows Collapse is about to enter the stage. Oddly enough, those who attended the concert were already present by the time the band started playing. The intro/spectacle was also set. The giraffe "is alive!"  and dancing to the rhythm of Backstreet Boys. Time for some hardcore music. Ever since those guys made their debut, I don't think I've missed any of their concerts. Growing better as time passes by, they definitely made some heads roll, despite the technical problems that occured. After a short setlist, they left the stage to the mercy of Still Falling.
Another band I've seen numerous times over the past years. Their performance was tight (despite some more technical problems) with a decent sound. Brief and heavy, they delivered a five-song setlist consisting of tracks from their recent EP and a couple off the new-one, about to be recorded. Heads were bouncing and people seemed to have a good time.
The next act was quite familiar as a name but I never had the chance to see them before. Yellow Devil Sauce play a sort of stonery progressive heavy noise, with the amazing clean vocals and the distinctive bass standing out. They played longer than the other two bands -in terms of song quantity, since theirs were shorter in length. I have to admit, though, that at some point I felt a bit tired by their music. All the opening bands played less than half-an-hour, for about 20', to my surprise.
Nearly at midnight, the intro song was on and TD slowly made their appearence. The audience was now larger and gathered in the front, ready to mosh and wreck. For the next hour, the band would be sweating their asses off, giving their best, and people would respond by cheering and applauding -stagediving and moshing, from time to time. They presented most of the new album, adding songs of the previous records as well. My personal favorite was "Complicity", even though I may have found my new favorite TD song ("We, The Cancer", which was epic). I believe the choice of songs was perfect, to cover all tastes/desires and "No One Cares" brought the house down. Time had come for the band to leave the stage and there was still a final song from "The Sea..." album pending. Despite some voices shouting for "Dog", the obvious choice was "Triggering The Fear (Of The Dark)".
If a concert is meant to be great, no broken strings, nor metronomes going off, nor falling hi-hats will ever spoil it. It actually met everyone's expectations, I believe. TD proved once more that they are one of the best bands of our scene and that they deserve all the respect they have earned over the years. They shoud be a great example for others to follow.
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