Live Review || Slavebreed release party w/ Warfuck, Necrovorous, Alecto, Ixpapalotl @ AN Club (Athens), 30/12/12

Words can't really describe the arousing enthusiasm when this concert was anounced. It was supposed to be the glorious meeting of two ending mini-tours; the balcan tour of Alecto (formerly -but always in our hearts- called Eternal Hated) and the 'Dethrone the Architect" tour of Slavebreed and Warfuck. From what I've heard, both tours were well-received from the audiences they perfomed for in the past days.
Alecto arrived from Sofia right when the doors opened. The concert was to start at 20:00, but Ixpapalotl didn't hit the stage until 20:35. 'Twas the second time I saw them and left me once more with a great impression. This band is AMAZING. I love the vivid groove of their sound, which was heavy and massive. A band totally worth checking.
A short setting break and Alecto hit the stage. Despite having seen them countless times under both names, this one time was outstanding. I can't actually define what made the difference; they delivered a tight set full of attitude and nerve. I was also stoked to hear positive comments coming from metalheads -let's face it, a hardcore band in a death/grind billing was a weird addition but worked out pretty well.
Necrovorous were next. Their setlist can be described with just one phrase: "shock and awe". Raw, fast and abrassive in-your-face death metal we all love. Everyone's reaction was similar to mine, from what I've noticed, since people picked up their jaws from the floor once the set was done.
Time had come for the highly anticipated appearence of Warfuck. I didn't have any prior experience with their music except of a couple of songs on Youtube. The duo put on an amazing show, combining the best elements of metal and grind and made some heads bounce.
Last but not least, Slavebreed were on. It's been two years already since the first time I saw them on stage. Their noticeable improvement is incredible and I am more than happy to witness it. Most people had a wide smile on their faces while the band was playing and seemed to have a very good time. Slavebreed even performed an encore, after popular demand.
Thumbs up to the promoters as well, for putting together the concert and adhering the diversity of sounds that resulted in the best way to end 2012.
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