Live Review || Brujeria, Progress Of Inhumanity, Mortal Torment @ Kyttaro (Athens), 22/12/12

What I love the most about live music, is the ability to leave all your worries and escape into a whole new world where nothing matters. That's the exact feeling this concert gave me.
At around 21:00 Mortal Torment made their appearence on the stage. Nobody can accuse those guys of being serious; and this is the reason people love them! During their thirty-minute setlist, they proved my point. The vocalist was dressed as a bloody butcher; one guitarist got topless; the other guitarist during a solo was bathed in carnations.They had a decent sound and delivered some rough and manly (OK, they paid me to write this) death metal. The only disadvantage was the crowd, since many people stood on the back of the venue, practically not supporting the band at all.
After some 20', Progress Of Inhumanity hit the stage. It was the second time I caught them in action and I must admit that they did a pretty good job. With their "furious grindcore" and a cover from Suicidal Tendencies, they spiced up this lovely evening. In their 25' set, they left some very good impressions, as people started gathering towards the stage and moving their heads to the rhythm.
At around 23:00, Brujeria came out and spread the madness. This was the final concert of the tour and the band made sure to turn it into a big party, stating that they play "original music, not imitations". Speaking mostly in spanish, they quickly managed to arouse the audience. People would bounce to the songs, sing some of the lyrics and scream at the top of their lungs. The whole feedback the band got was incredible. One hour later, they said goodnight with the two songs of the encore -or three, if you count "Marijuana", the re-arranged/parody version of the song "Macarena" by Los del Rio, leaving the crowd laughing and shouting along.
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