Live Coverage || Positively Positive Hardcore Fest VI @ AN Club (Athens) 20/12/12

Having a concert on a Thursday evening is a risk. Having a concert on a Thursday evening, and a strike on public transportation, is bad luck. Thankfully, those who attended this very concert proved that they care enough for music to overcome the obstacles. With 5 bands on the billing, the show was supposed to start at around 20:30. Due to the late arrival of No Turning Back at the venue, the first band didn't hit the stage until 21:00ish. Never Trust is a thrashcore band based in Athens. I've already seen them numerous times so I knew what to expect. This was their second appearence with the new bassist, filling in for Leo who is currently in the army. I must admit that really enjoyed the spark the band had on stage. They played 4 songs from their recent EP and 2 unrecorded-ones, with the old singer joining them as well for the closing track. Fans of  Stampin' Ground should definitely check them out.
Next on stage was a negative hardcore band from Patra, Greece, called I Want You Dead. Even though I really dig their music, this isn't but the second time that I got to see them. They played a tight set consisted of both old and new songs. Got to love the feeling of rage and dispair you are left with when these guys quit the stage.
Up next, A Strength Within from Belgium. As soon as they started playing, the hardcore dancing started as well. They delivered a short but strong setlist of Terror-y noise stepping up their game. Once they were done, My Turn got on stage and declared their solidarity to those arrested earlier that morning at the eviction of Villa Amalias' squat. A noticeable thing about this band is that they always vary their setlist adding or removing old songs. People seemed to enjoy their performance and begged for more.
A short break until the Dutchies set up and the crowd gathered on the front of the stage. Words can't describe everyone's reaction when No Turning Back started playing. Begining their setlist with "Take your guilt" set the kids on fire. Crowdsurfings, moshing and screamalongs followed. NTB was obviously satisfied from the end result, and kept underlining that they are not a big band living off their music, but feel greatful to share it with the kids they play for. The band even performed an encore, leaving "Do you care?" ringing in our ears.
Definitely a good way to spend the "end of the world"'s eve.

[PS: No Turning Back share the stage once more with My Turn on Saturday, Dec. 22nd, in Sofia (BG). The festival is called Hardcore X-Mass 2012].
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