Live Review || Aussitôt Mort/Sugartown Cabaret french tour w/ Sport @ Grrrnd Zero (Lyon), 28/1/2013

Oh, the disappointment of planning a last-minute trip to the very last detail and having small things not working out as you had originally planned... Aussitôt Mort is a band that I am deeply fond of and which I'd been waiting to see for a very long time. When I caught on the flyer of the french tour (along with fellow connoiseurs Sugartown Cabaret) that the very next show I could attend was in a squat in Lyon, I booked train tickets and off I went. The excitement of having my first concert on the Rhône soil with this tour was untold. After arriving at the Part-Dieu station I roamed for a couple of hours in the city and at around 20:00 I headed to the squat only to find the first band for this evening, Sport, having a soundcheck. Being used to the french punctuality in terms of concerts, I was surprised when I heard that the bands had just arrived. After some 45' and A LOT of cold, Sport hit the stage. Those punks definitely know how to rock. Despite the low temperature, the band managed to warm the crowd up and their 30-minute set delivered some memorable tunes before passing the torch to Sugartown Cabaret. Yet another band that defied the freezing cold. The highlight, to me, was the vocalist who got so overwhelmed by the music (as were the kids in front of the stage) that he was balancing back and forth and headbanging while screaming his lungs out.
I have to admit that, before entering the squat, I wasn't familiar with the sound of either band, so I was stoked to make two worthy discoveries that night. Time was flying by, however, and I was afraid that I wouldn't have the time to see the initial reason behind this trip. I've seen concerts start with delay over delay over more delay, yet I was either in my hometown or I would be staying two blocks away from the venue. My fear came alive, as it took 25' for the new rig to be set up, and I had to pick up my pieces and leave, under the beginning notes of the first Aussitôt Mort song.
I'm sure the guys kicked ass. The crowd had muliplied by the time I headed towards the exit and, under the advice of the band members, came closer to the stage to “warm each other up”. I long to see them another time under normal circumstances, as their powerful sound deserves.
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