Live Coverage || The Ghost Inside, Deez Nuts, Stray From The Path, Devil In Me @ La Marquise (Lyon), 11/2/2013

Early arrival at the venue (located inside a boat, for those who don't know), and kids are already changing into their "war" shoes. A scenery I can imagine in my hometown as well, if only the average age of the target group was slightly raised.
Without any delay, at 19:30 Devil In Me presented themselves. The band faced some severe sound problems, considering that they were noticeably low, causing the vocalist (also serving guitar duties) to yell even more, weakening their performance. In spite of the quite interesting music, I believe it would be much more appreciated if the sound was better -or louder thereof. In the end of the day, all these factors concluded in the band failing to capture the crowd's full attention.
As soon as Stray From The Path stepped on stage, they faced the same sound difficulties, with the vocalist repeatedly asking (to the point of getting pissed) for a volume raise. Their request not being granted, they stepped up their game. A very good appearence left a better taste to the kids' mouths. Everyone was now waiting for Deez Nuts to, well, go nuts.
"We are somewhere on a fucking boat!" yells the vocalist and the Aussies hit the first notes. Personally, they are not (at all) my cup of tea. I can't, however, discard their act, which was tight, full of nerve and remarkably louder than the previous bands. The crowd was on the loose. The vocalist kidded around that the guitarist would keep playing the same riff over and over unless a circle pit formed -and it actually did, only to dissolve a few seconds later. The band acknowledged the language barrier and asked the audience to make some noise for those in the touring bands that had suffered some losses earlier that day. It was then that the vocalist of Devil In Me joined them on stage to sing "Band of Brothers". "Stay True" ended their 45-minute set. Time for the ever-anticipated (co-) headliners.
The Ghost Inside is a band that I am deeply fond of and I respect for both their music and continuous touring. Having already experienced the impact of their sound when they were opening for a A Day To Remember - August Burns Red tour a couple of years back, I absolutely knew what to expect: mayhem. And so it happened. The boat was trembling from all the die-hards jumping up and down, singing along to the crystal-clear sound and crowdsurfing. The feedback to the band's energy was incredible -besides, they are familiar with the french crowd in general. The vocalist repeated several times how grateful he was that so many people showed up. The setlist was going back and forth to all three releases; everything we expected to hear was there: "A Greater Distance", "Chrono", "Slipping Away", "Deceiver", "Faith or Forgiveness". Towards the end, the vocalist introduced the song "Thirty Three" and dedicated it to his father, who had passed. The concert was coming to an end and three more songs were left. When "Unspoken" kicked in, even those who didn't participate before, were psyched and screaming. When you're having a good time, the setlist seems "too short!" even though the band had "already played 15 songs!". "Between the Lines" followed, only to show the way to "Engine 45" and its catchy singalongs. The kids were litterally all over the band, grabbing microphones and singing on the top of their lungs.

"Oh captain my captain, you almost sank the ship!"
And I believe that everyone who attended this concert can easily relate to the phrase.
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