Introducing: NONLINEAR

ATHENS, GR — NONLINEAR, a progressive metalcore band comprised of George Plaskasovitis (Main Vocals), Konstantinos Chitas (Guitar, Clean Vocals), Alex Louropoulos (Guitar), Nick Koudounas (Bass) Chris Papakonstantinou (Drums), proudly announces its debut on the music scene. With a captivating blend of aggressive and emotional sound, NONLINEAR is poised to make a significant impact in the local scene.

Konstantinos: "Starting in a difficult time for musicians to thrive, NONLINEARS’s optimism and vision are the main motivation to begin its journey to the unknown, leaving a colorful mark on the hearts of music lovers around the world".

NONLINEAR’s members are not newcomers to the local scene of Athens. Each individual has had their full share of experience in various musical projects, some still ongoing. This collection of assets is what this project needs to fuel its journey and keep a steady course.

Drawing inspiration from life changing events, nostalgia and vices such as overconsumption and addiction to not only substances but also the ‘’new drug’’ of social media, NONLINEAR brings a fresher perspective to the landscape of our local scene. Their debut promises a dynamic fusion of emotional lyrics accompanied by a well-balanced mix of melody and of heavy progressive atmospheric sound.

In the near future, NONLINEAR will bring their debut single to the world, with more information about music releases and upcoming shows being available in the coming weeks.

George: ‘’I like to think that all paths are connected to each other and lead to the same destination. The complexity, unpredictability, and the relationship between cause and effect not being directly proportional or predictable is what basically makes the aspect of life so interesting and chaotic to me at once. When we were discussing about the name of our project, this sequence of thoughts just kept emerging over and over, leading me to eventually share them to my bandmates. And this is how NONLINEAR was born’’.

NONLINEAR invites music enjoyers everywhere to join them on their journey as they share their passion for music and creativity with the world.

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