Superlove Announces New Album "follow:noise" Out June 2, Reveals New Single

Bristolian noise-pop three-piece Superlove has today announced their new album "follow:noise" is set to be released on June 2 via European label Rude Records. The album features recent singles “GO!”, “Something Good,” as well as newly released single “Easier.” Fans can pre-save "follow:noise" now here and can watch the music video for “Easier” now below:

"Concept to 'follow:noise' album is a lot of realization and reflection from the journey of our first album. Following up from our debut album we discovered a lot about the sound behind Superlove and what makes us the band we are and when we’re at our best, we wanted to challenge ourselves to use less virtual instruments this time round and put the focus back into guitar. Lyrically the album tackles subjects such as reassurance, dependency and mental health.”

They continue, “We wanted to reinvent ourselves with a look and sound that places us firmly within the world of being a rock band. Our first album saw us dipping in and out of what it was to be a band with more electronic elements which allowed us to explore our production techniques. With those avenues explored from previous we wanted the challenge of writing a proper through and through no messing around pop-rock album. To summarise: 'follow:noise' is Superlove at our most realised and our most fully focused on a “Noise-pop” sound through and through."

Speaking on the release of “Easier” lead vocalist & bassist Jacob Rice shares, “Easier is a song I wrote about 3 years ago now so I’m glad we got a chance to revisit it and make it work alongside a bunch of new songs we’d been working on. Nothing better than sitting on a song for that long to then take it to the band and turn it into something like this. It gives it such a new lease of life like getting the same excitement of writing it the first time round.”

He continues, “I wrote the song about a time when I was struggling a lot. I had a lot of questions about myself that I could never seem to get an answer for, I was always looking ahead to a time where my head would feel a lot clearer and how nice that might be in the future. Not to get too cheesy here, but writing this song helped me look forward rather than dwell on stuff whilst also helping change my outlook on certain situations in life that were maybe slowing me down. So cheers to songwriting as it does genuinely help you get a load off your mind.”

“My favourite story about making this song is when we were away recording and I said to Jon, “Oh yeah remember we need a mad like guitar solo that doesn’t sound like a conventional guitar solo for this bridge section” and like 20 minutes later he had recorded what you hear now and I just laughed at how nailed on he got it. Genuinely one of my favourite bits in any song we’ve ever done.”

Pre-order "follow:noise" here.

"follow:noise" Tracklisting:

1 . You

2. GO!

3. Easier

4. Something Good

5. Lifeline

6. Upside Down

7. Overdrive

8. Change Your Mind

9. Gut Feeling

10. Seasons

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