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Friends. After two years, our festival pilgrimage is BACK! In case you have forgotten how they work, these dedicated posts are meant to be an ongoing recommendations guide/checklist to assist festival goers not be overwhelmed with running order clashes. We carefully select 10 bands, who we think are some of the highlights to the festival lineup, and present them to our readers with our argument, time slot and stage they are due to appear.

The first staple in our list is traditionally Jera On Air, "Holland's finest punk, metal and hardcore get together in Ysselsteyn". The motto isn't a self-inflated boast of ego though, and our previous attendance is a testament to that. So, shall we?

01. Comeback Kid

We are biased when it comes to Canadian bands and we're shameless about it. Comeback Kid dropped a fantastic record this year and after many encounters, we are in a position to vouch about the quality of their live shows, the continuous moshing mood and the HUGE, contagious singalongs to their anthemic songs.

When: Saturday, 21:05-21:55
Where: Vulture stage

02. Suicidal Tendencies

A classic band, whether you ask the hardcore kids or the metalheads. Suicidal Tendencies have reconciled the two scenes in ways other bands could only dream of, and remain to this day excellent performers. 

When: Thursday, 23:15-00:00
Where: Vulture stage

03. Rise Against

A rather obvious choice. The revolutionary outfit are considered veterans in their scene and with a brand new album in their arsenal, a good time is guaranteed. Tim McIlrath and co. will deliver their powerful message wrapped in anthemic melodies and upbeat tempos. 

When: Saturday, 23:45-01:00
Where: Eagle stage

04. Loathe

The British post metal act is bending the confines of their genre, experimenting with a variety of sounds as they evolve. Their shows are nothing short of energetic and don't be fooled by the early slot, the dedication of their fans will no doubt start the party.

When: Friday, 12:3-13:00
Where: Eagle sage

05. Ignite

Having recently witnessed the might of Ignite's new lineup, and of course their phenomenal energy they bring to their live show, we are certain the band will leave no head unturned. Even for non-fans, the intensity of their performance is always something so appealing that they can easily find themselves inside the singing crowds.

When: Friday, 17:20-18:05
Where: Eagle stage


06. One Step Closer

Not to be confused with the popular Linkin Park song in the slightest. Hailing from Pennsylvania, One Step Closer is a breath of fresh air in the modern hardcore scene, full of emotive patterns and crushing melodies. Their latest album, "This Place You Know' came out in the Fall of 2021 and is definitely worth your time.

When: Thursday, 20:00-20:40
Where: Buzzard stage


07. Turnstile

You saw that coming. The Baltimore noisemakers have won critical acclaim  over the last few years and with their last full length, "Glow On", have won over even the strictest gatekeepers. Turnstile's career however is truly remarkable; even after playing at Coachella and appearing on late night TV shows, they still maintain a highly devoted fanbase that can turn any club show into a riot. Definitely do not miss them.

When: Friday, 22:50-23:45
Where: Vulture stage

08. Belvedere

The older fans will recognize the name of the iconic Canadian skate punk band. Belvedere too has a new record out and are looking to initiate younger punks to their frenzied universe.

When: Friday, 22:15-23:00
Where: Buzzard stage

09. Electric Callboy

The German electrocore outfit is undoubtedly on a linear trajectory. The addition of clean singer Nico Sallach rejuvenated the band's sound and image, and helped them break through to a wider audience with massive hits and ridiculous antics. Grab a beer, sit back and enjoy!

When: Saturday, 16:00-16:40
Where: Eagle stage


Imminence: The Swedes are back with an amazing album and their recent European run was nothing but successful. 
Holding Absence: The Brits brought people to their knees with their latest, and quite phenomenal LP. Their live shows are an absolute delight and singer Lucas Woodland sounds like he does on the record.
No Fun At All: It has become rather customary to have No Fun At All in the Honorable Mentions list by now, but the forefathers of European skate punk know to deliver a damn masterclass every single time. 

10. Malevolence

Malevolence has grown to be one of the staples in the UK scene in the recent years and with good reason. Their music is incendiary, their attituded unchallenged, and their performances a life-changing experience. And the fact that the person writing this text isn't a fan of theirs but will never miss them at a festival, speaks volumes of their talent.

When: Friday, 20:50-21:30
Where: Eagle stage

Jera On Air takes place on June 23-25 in Ysselsteyn, the Netherlands.


3 days: € 97,50 

Thursday June 23rd: € 30

Friday June 24th: € 70 

Saturday June 25th: 70 €. 

Camping: € 20

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