Live Coverage || Ignite, My Turn, Skybinder @ AN Club, 2/6/2022

 Ignite made their return to Athens, Greece on the evening of June 2nd, armed with a brand new album and a brand new vocalist. The Californian veterans were due to perform alongside local acts My Turn and Skybinder.

Now, if you know me, you know I can't be objective when it comes to Skybinder, a band I've had the chance to watch grow and evolve over the past couple of years. This was hands down one of the best shows I've seen them play; the band was tight and, despite not fitting completely into the music theme of the day, managed to get people's attention with little effort. Bonus points for the members of Tripnote and Kin Corruption who where singing along and pumping Skybinder since the beginning of their set.

Up next was My Turn, a band that I haven't caught playing in many years. At that point, more people had pulled up and for a brief second it felt like 2011 was knocking on my door. I was truly blown away by the change that My Turn has undergone and their new, more aggressive sound definitely hit a soft spot.

Time had come for Ignite to take the torch and continue the party. After a few shows at Punk In Drublic, this was the band's third headlining show, so a big all-inclusive, long setlist was expected. The quintet kicked off the setlist with "Poverty For All" and it sparked the flame; vocalist Eli Santana was greeted with warm reactions and huge singalongs. Eventually, and as the crowd warmed up to the sounds, we saw massive stagedives and an overwhelming feeling of joy and contentment flooded the venue. The band, oozing with youthful energy, perfectly executed some of their fan-favorite older songs ("Bleeding", "Who Sold Out Now", "Fear is Our Tradition", "Know Your History", "Let It Burn", "Sunday Bloody Sunday") and of course the singles from the new, self-titled album ("Butcher In Me", "Anti-Complicity Anthem", "The River", "On The Ropes"). The setlist ended with the unexpected "Live For Better Days", which was turned into a power ballad as the band joined Eli, and "Veteran". 

AN Club resounded with our voices as the last notes rang out; Covid may had taken one of our collective escapist refuges away for a short while but now live music is back and we can all go back to singing our little hearts out and moshing until our souls leave our bodies. Looking forward to what else is to come in the summer.

All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell photography

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