Tristesse announces debut EP "Im schwächsten Licht" on December 3rd, drops new single

Credit: Micklas Heinzel

 After the indie newcomer TRISTESSE recently released their first musical sign of life with the song "Kreis", the Berliners are now announcing a debut EP. This is entitled "Im schwächsten Licht", contains four tracks and will be released on December 3rd. With "Serotonin" the quintet also presents another single:

"Where there is light, there is also shadow." This winged phrase represents the band not only in instrumental terms, but also in its lyrics. Singer Jannes-Maximilian Priebels expresses himself as follows:

"'Serotonin' approaches the subject of depression and lyrically stands in stark contrast to the danceable and melodic instrumental. This song pursues an important concern for us: an open, reflective and necessary approach to mental health."

A typical categorization of the sound is difficult. The influences of the musicians are fed by Shoegaze, Indie, Alternative, Dream-Pop and Grunge, as indicated by the flat vocals, the effect-laden guitars or the bass driven by the chorus. All these different sources of inspiration create a new and innovative sound that is second to none: booming soundscapes follow playful riffs, catchy refrains meet complex harmonies and receive appropriate support in dreamy singing and danceable beats.


1. Rausch

2. Serotonin

3. Kreis

4. Mono


Jannes-Maximilian Priebels - Vocals

Marvin Alexander Jiménez Mairena - Rhythm guitar

Eric-William Noack - Bass

Florian Balmer - Drums

Benedikt Kirst - Lead guitar

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