Review || wars - "A Hundred Shivers"

Post hardcore act wars is releasing their new album "A Hundred Shivers" on November 26th 2021 via A Wolf At Your Door. For the observant eye, the story of this album has been unfolding for a while in chapters, with the majority of the songs having been released as singles. Now the listener can be fully immersed in this voyage of sentience.

It would be easy to gategorize "A Hundred Shivers" under the emotive-music-depressing-lyrics umbrella but it would deprive the album of its essence. These 12 tracks build a fragile world where the listener can relate with the struggles, question any tricks their mind will play, break out of the prison of habit and hopefully rise above the obstacles. The vocals, alternating as expected between screams and powerful cleans, do a phenomenal job conveying the hopelessness and the glimmer of light in the far distance, while the few moments of clarity and realization cut through the almost addictive fixation on self-destruction in a borderline thunderous way.

Musically, the structure of the songs balances between the post hardcore and metalcore sounds, without obsessing over emotionally charged melodies. In the contrary, we see a lovely juxtaposition of upbeat patterns and hard-hitting lyrics. I think this is the biggest asset of the album; it breaks away from the expectations and mold that labeling will inevitably create. The compositions contain fluctuations in intensity, creating a roller-coaster effect for the listener, ranging from modern genericore to punk rock motifs to catchy rock ideas. If I were to pick favorites, those would be "A Hell Behind My Eyes" which is right up my alley and I absolutely adore, "But The Light Trembles In" and "Murmurs".

Overall, "A Hundred Shivers" manoeuvres swiftly between heaviness, groove and melody avoiding the cliches that would render it overwhelming. At the same time it deals with paralyzing aspects of mental struggles steering clear of self-pity and instead contributes in the dialogue for mental illness. It's a wonderful effort and I'm looking forward to seeing what else these guys will come up with in the future.


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