Delaire The Liar Announce New EP 'EAT YOUR OWN' out 10th December, reveal new video

 The majestic DELAIRE THE LIAR have announced brand new EP 'EAT YOU OWN,' which will be released 10th December via Rude Records. This wonderful band have also released new single 'NO ACCIDENT' which is taken off the upcoming EP. The single follows on from singles NO THANKS, FURNACE and HALLOWEEN which are all included on the upcoming EP.

Speaking about the new single, vocalist Ffin Colley says - "There are some in your life that can see every part of your mechanism, as if you’re made of glass. All your fragility and worry, all your buried sadness, it’s completely unmasked to them. It comes with time, dedication and vulnerability in the relationship and it can offer support when you most need it but are unable to ask, the adverse side being that these people will see your weakness even when you don’t want them to."

Music, at its best, opens the door to an honesty that borders on disconcerting. For London four-piece DELAIRE THE LIAR, expressing a central truth is at the very core of all they create. Utilising a weaponised punk rock attitude that feeds into a visceral delivery and live performance, married with a fragility and earnestness that extends a welcoming hand to the listener, DTL are set to explore the nuances of human emotion and response.








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