Set It Off Bares Their “Skeleton” With New Single

 Alternative band Set It Off faces reincarnation with their latest single “Skeleton”, available worldwide on October 29th via Fearless Records. With a metaphor of stripping one’s flesh to unveil unyielding bone, “Skeleton” centers on liberating your core self from your negative, internalized facades and influences. Set It Off sings of unapologetically embracing yourself in an effort to breathe new life within. “Skeleton'' is the lead single of their upcoming album Elsewhere, which promises to divulge further vulnerability and open varied moods and worlds for listeners. 

A hauntingly melancholic piano opens up to a Pop Rock guitar and driving drumbeat in “Skeleton”. Lyrics of breaking down to become whole empower the melodic song until it increasingly emboldens and ascends to a frantic rap. Accentuating their words, an energized climax of harmonies demands listeners to shout along. While Set It Off was creating “Skeleton” in the studio, the jump tempo excited singer Cody Carson, as he anticipated the potential crowd reaction. The music video for “Skeleton” sees Set It Off revamping their image with pops of “bright neon colors mixed with macabre imagery”, a shift that certainly matches their reinvigorated, musical energy.

Emphasizing the single’s message of daring to be authentic, singer Cody Carson says: it’s so important to me that you know me for who I am, at my core, at my best and at my worst. Being vulnerable shouldn’t come with a rain cloud overhead and it certainly shouldn’t be frowned upon. It should be encouraged. Through life‘s bumps and bruises I’ve learned it’s easier spent stripping away the fear of letting go and saying how you feel, when you feel it. It’s ok to be vulnerable. It’s ok to be a 'Skeleton'”.

Speaking from his own personal battle against stigmas of bisexuality, drummer Maxx Danziger echoes Carson’s sentiment, refusing to pretend to be someone else to placate others. “There's so much outside pressure swaying us to act the way others think we should whether it's your interests, hobbies, sexuality, career, gender identity, etc. The ability to block out that noise, find your true self, and be that person 100% is real vulnerability and real bravery”.

Set It Off is composed of singer/lyricist Cody Carson, guitarist Zach DeWall, and drummer Maxx Danziger. Drawing inspiration from a diverse swath of influences like Anderson Paak. and Michael Jackson, the genre-bending trio has never been your standard Emo band, Pop group, or even Pop-Punk band. They are all of those things and more, having developed a signature style that shakes Alternative to its core. Since their 2008 inception in Florida, Set It Off has conquered one milestone after another; they have released four highly-acclaimed albums, received accolades from press like Billboard and Alternative Press, amassed a loyal following, and racked in 528 million plays for their Top 10 Spotify tracks alone. They have also transformed audiences into believers on tours with All Time Low, Simple Plan, Sleeping With Sirens, and more.

While the band’s debut album "Cinematics" embraced their moodier Rock side, later efforts have taken on an upbeat Pop twist that has culminated in a darker synergy of those styles in their last album "Midnight". Their upcoming album "Elsewhere" is a transitional and forward-thinking release— one in which the individual members have surmounted their demons and have resurrected as happier and more full of life than ever before.

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