Attic Stories returns with new single and video

Credit: Samuel Mindermann

Pop-punk band ATTIC STORIES presents "Manipulation", a brand new single including a dynamic video clip:

The four-piece around singer Romana Aufinger comments on the emotional background of the track as follows:

"Hundreds of friends on Facebook and even thousands of followers on Instagram have become almost normal for many of us today. In a time when we are surrounded by fake friends and self-promoters, we sometimes realize too late who is good for us and who is just manipulating us. But: at best, you learn from mistakes and we tried to put the toxic and manipulative people from our past on paper and play off our souls."

ATTIC STORIES formed in Karlsruhe, Germany at the end of 2018. Packed with a mixture of different emotions, experiences and thoughts about the future, they try to provide an atmosphere where everyone can find themselves and develop their own personality. 

After releasing the debut EP "You Used To Be Home", three music videos and the acoustic double single "Peaceful Home", the band shared the single "Colorless Roses" in 2021, addressing topics such as empowerment, feminism and climate change. 

A mix of polyphonic vocal lines, massive drums, subtle pop-punk riffs and a powerful front voice defines their sound. Musical inspiration comes from genre heroes like PARAMORE, NECK DEEP, ALL TIME LOW, TONIGHT ALIVE or STAND ATLANTIC. 


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