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Athenian hardcore heavyweights Kin Corruption are dropping their debut album, titled "KCHC", on May 7th 2021. A long time in the works, and after years of the band bludgeoning their local scene, this is the first piece of music since 2017's single "Through Pain" and finds Kin Corruption at a prime. Consisting of ten tracks, it is a well-rounded accumulation of varying musical influences, which the band wears on their sleeve, projected through a cathartic lyrical confrontation of fear, pain and heartbreak.

When opener "2014", a tribute to the year of the band's inception, kicks in it leaves no time for pleasantries; KCHC is a hardcore album through and through. Clocking in at around 27', every song is filled with tremendous energy, front-to-back. Now, being familiar with the band, it was very interesting for me to hear the songs that I've grown accustomed to in such a polished manner and not through the local venue's shitty PA. The ferocity of the songs translates very well on the record and carries the exact same intensity that Kin Corruption displays at live shows. The groove is overwhelming, while the visceral hooks build the kind of tension that will have the listener moshing in their living room for days. Some blitzer tracks like "Reprisal", "First To Lust" and "Cold Call" certainly add to that and possess all the elements to qualify for a bruising encounter. It would also be imperative to make a special mention to the guests who help elevate the compositions; Devrim "Defnight" from the Berlin hardcore act Blood Shot Down lends a hand (or vocal cord) on the lead single "Brothers", Dimitris Georgakopoulos of Slowheart adds a distinctive tone on "Bottom Of The Well" and Stylianos Siokos delivers a ripping solo on the second single, "Third Law".

With a darkness lingering but not overshadowing, the lyrical themes lean on the band's own experiences of loss and intimidation, and become a vehicle to promote understanding and unity. After all, and drawing inspiration by the bands before them, the grand vision of Kin Corruption is to thrive in a scene where bands coexist in harmony, outside of cliques and petty behaviors. The band isn't afraid to touch on sensitive subjects that might very well hit home with the average listener and still manage a chagrined projection without moaning or feeling self pity. 

Overall, I think my biggest complaint with "KCHC" (other than its short length) is that it doesn't have a stand-alone track but rather a stand-alone sound. While the album seems to stick to a particular sound at times, it is quite as engaging as other hardcore releases we have seen in the recent years. Kin Corruption has crafted a record that is both aggressive enough to satisfy even the most demanding ears, and at the same time is heartfelt and personal enough to be more than merely music to get belligerent to. It may not be genre-defining but it sounds totally massive and totally savage. If you like hardcore, you will like "KCHC".

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