Review || Out Of Love - "Funny Feeling"

British punks Out Of Love are releasing their second EP, "Funny Feeling", on April 16 2021 via Venn Records. Formed in 2019, and with the intent to start touring and share their music with the world, the quintet faced very soon the morose reality of the pandemic. And while artistic activities all over the globe were put to a halt, Out Of Love continued to create regardless -and their work soon got picked up by national outlets. Last summer they dropped their debut EP, "I'm Not Me", and shortly afterwards they headed back to the studio to record the follow-up.

Out Of Love may be a relatively new band but they are old souls. Over the course of a year, the quintet transitioned from the woes of adulting to making amends with the inescapable reality and perceiving everyday interactions through a rather cynical filter. And while it would be easy to mistake "Funny Feeling" for a depressive album, it would be foolish to do so. The coming of age is grounded on brutally honest self-reflection and the realization that, when it comes to dealing with troubles head on and your fight-or-flight instinct kicks in, sometimes "flight" may be your best option. Nothing is actually taken for granted and as relationships shift, be it with your surroundings or even yourself, disassociating and picking your battles can become a matter of survival.

Musically, "Funny Feeling" is a high octane EP. Infused with a multitude of influences, it keeps a balance between modern sound, hardcore nuances and an almost nostalgic outlook on older punk rock. The fresh, catchy melodies and contagious vocal lines still have rough, unpolished edges which further enhance the anthemic nature of the songs. Sure, the length of the compositions is exceptionally short, resulting in the EP spanning for about 13', but I find very interesting their skill of craft; Out Of Love was able to cleverly condense many elements and ideas into a few seconds with an extreme level of accuracy, and in a way that makes every song vibrant. All five tracks flow really nicely and in the end you are left craving more. This is probably my only complaint on "Funny Feeling", the length. And while the comment "maybe one day we will write a song over 3 minutes" doesn't sound very reassuring, it does make you wonder what these guys will come up with next.

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