Feuerschwanz Releases Black Metal Version of “Schubsetanz”

German medieval rock masters Feuerschwanz have released a black metal version of their own tremendous hit “Schubsetanz” together with an official video. The song will be available as a strictly limited 7'' picture vinyl, out April 22, 2021 via Napalm Records, which also includes a live version of "Kampfzwerg" (Fighting Dwarf) from the band’s latest chart-breaking studio album, Das Elfte Gebot (GER #3). 

Feuerschwanz premiered this diabolic offering for the first time at a recently-celebrated concert live stream, Die Letzte Schlacht. "Schubsetanz (Black Metal Version)" showcases a whole new facet of the six-piece in the most trve and evil way. 

Feuerschwanz about the song: "'Schubsetanz ist Rittersport' (Schubsetanz is a sport made for  knights) - for years this song from the album Methämmer is a fan favourite at our concerts! We love the moment when hordes of metal-clad heavy metal warriors unite for the most beautiful of all dance styles, full of grace and violence: The 'Schubsetanz'! That's why the song made it onto the setlist of our legendary 11:0:A gig and was celebrated there in a special, corona-compliant way - packed into airtight rubber balls and to the sound of a specially created black metal version, we celebrated the moshpit - 2020 corona style! 

However, fans noticed that this unpolished rough diamond in all its raw violence deserved its own version and immediately started an online petition demanding a full-length version.

We, as humble servants of our fans, spared no expense and effort and descended through the nine circles of hell, broke the seventh seal and snatched the tape from the incarnate himself, where those sounds were banned, that should have been hidden."

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