Skybinder debut new single

"This year has been a very challenging one without a doubt especially for aspiring bands. After some line-up changes on our team we are happy to introduce Alex on the drums and George on bass/clean vocals. With some fresh air blowing on our sails we headed to Tony's studio trying to beat time as a second round of quarantine was imminent. After hours of pre-production and brainstorming the raw tracks were ready to be mixed and mastered. And then came 'MIRAGE'. We made this song with the intention to brand it as the lead single of our second album which is in the process. We wanted to give a taste of evolvement and growth and the lessons we've learned after a tough year of isolation and spread our own deeper meaning of freedom in order to counter the bleak times we are experiencing due to the pandemic. On a lighter note, the song got its name because at the time of its making our guitarist and producer Antonis, was doing his mandatory service in the airforce.
Obstacles are still ahead of us but our love for our art drives us (and we quote from our song) 'crazier,higher than ever before'. Remember to stay strong and #jointhecorelegion."

*press release

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