Interview || The One With Sabian Lynch Of Alpha Wolf

There's no doubt that Alpha Wolf have made a name for themselves, especially in the European scene. Their live shows are full of energy while their music is flying the flag of modern metalcore, making them the next big thing in the genre. We recently had a chat with guitarist Sabian Lynch, who discussed the latest album "A Quiet Place To Die" and life during the pandemic.

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U: Your recent album, “A Quiet Place To Die”, came out a couple of months ago. How’s the reception been so far?
Sabian Lynch:
It couldn’t have been better, our fans love it, we love it and we’ve reached plenty of new people with our music, there’s nothing more we could ask for.

U: You released the album while the world is at a critical point. How important was it for you to provide people with art to relate to and to ease what they may be going through?
S.L.: We’re not the type of band to slow down or take time off, we were always going to release the album this year, it definitely may have new meaning by being released at such a time and it definitely felt great to provide people with some form of entertainment while the world is very dire.

U: How was the writing and recording process like and what would you say is the differentiation point between this album and your previous releases?
S.L.: We did some quite extensive pre production work for this album and we were very happy with it for the most part before going in to record it. And as we work with friends for the production we knew they’d give it all the love it deserved to sound as amazing as it does.

U: What is the meaning behind the title “A Quiet Place To Die” and what does it represent to you?
S.L.: We wanted a title that could relate to each song, each song has its own topic but can be related to this title. For me personally it represents a feeling of being done and always feeling lonely.

U: “Akudama” was probably my favorite video off the album, also created by one of my favorite visual artists, Third Eye Visuals. How did the idea come about and how was your collaboration?
S.L.: It was inspired by the band Paledusk (JPN) who have incredible music videos, we originally tried to get their video crew down to Australia but it didn’t work out logistically, so we gave the vision and idea to Third Eye and he absolutely smashed it.

U: With touring being at a halt and a sombre reality developing, how do you manage to remain creative?
S.L.: We’ve been finding ways to stay productive, we recently launched a Patreon in which we offer our diehard fan some extra perks that weren’t available until now, as well as coming up with new exciting merchandise and a bunch of other stuff that we can’t announce just yet.

U: This year, we saw many metalcore releases, with people talking about ferocious competition in your scene. Where do you stand on that? How would you say Alpha Wolf manages to stand out?  
S.L.: We personally love our album from start to finish, we don’t believe any two songs sound the same and there’s also no filler, every fan has a different favourite song and that’s how it should be, each song should be a contender to be a single during release.

U: What is passion for you? How would you define it?
S.L.: Passion for me is everything, we all live and breathe music and we’re all on the same page and you need that dynamic in a band, you all need the same outlook and drive or it’ll fall apart.

U: If Alpha Wolf were members of the Spice Girls, what would be your spice names?
S.L.: Lochie - Naughty Spice

Mitch - Secret Spice

Scottie - Baldy Spice

John - Bulky Spice

Sabian - Emo Spice

U:  If you could have a one minute phone conversation with a younger you, what age would you call and what would you tell yourself?
Probably 16 year old me and just tell him to stay strong and you’ll be cool one day.

U: Your house is on fire and you only have time to grab 3 items before you flee. Pets and family are safe. What do you take?
I have a little shrine of memorabilia that I’ve kept with tour laminates and stuff so that, my laptop and Pokémon cards.

U: What do you want the band’s legacy to be?
Band with the phattest breakdowns.

U: We are done, thank you for your time. Any final words?
Thanks for having me! 

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