Interview || The One With Ricky Armellino of HAWK/Ice Nine Kills

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On the final episode of "The One With..." for 2020, our special guest is none other than Ricky Armellino, frontman of the Lancaster, PA metalcore quartet HAWK. The band released their debut EP, "Tolerance's Paradox", earlier this month and after receiving a praising review from us, it would be impossible to not invite Ricky for a friendly inquisition chat. A well-seasoned musician himself, he recounted in great detail his years with This Or The Apocalypse, his creative endeavors with HAWK, and finding passion and inspiration.

This episode is a little lengthier than usual but well worth your time. And let's be fair. How can anyone not be entertained by a multi-faceted individual with dry humor and high vocabulary, breaking down obscure aspects of the music industry and drawing from his own not-so-comical experiences to tell an almost cautionary tale?

Watch until the end for cat content and a special tour story!

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