UPDATE: According to the press release, the album will be accompanied by a an exclusive broadcast where footage from the "I Heard They Kill Live" show will be aired. The stream will be hosted by a special guest featuring live band interaction.
The press release follows:

Horror themed, metalcore pioneers Ice Nine Kills announced the release of their upcoming live album, “I Heard They KILL Live!!” out via Fearless Records on Friday, October 30. “I Heard They KILL Live!!” features the killer 19 song live set recorded live at the band’s sold-out, home town show at The Worcester Palladium on November 30, 2019, whilst on the Octane Accelerator tour. It features massive Ice Nine Kills tracks from their 2018 hit album “The Silver Scream”, as well as fan favorites such as “Hell In The Hallways” and “The Fastest Way To A Girl’s Heart Is Through Her Ribcage”. The album is available to pre-order digitally, on CD or as a double vinyl LP with a variety of pre-order merch bundles available here.

As if this wasn’t enough, Ice Nine Kills have also announced that they will be spoiling fans with an exclusive broadcast followed by a very special live stream event in conjunction with the release of “I Heard They KILL Live!!” on Thursday, October 29th. SXM Octane will present the first exclusive broadcast at 12pm EST with re-airs at 7pm and midnight EST. The stream will be hosted by a special guest featuring live band interaction and will broadcast the full “I Heard They Kill Live!!” concert footage, shot with an 8 camera set up by David Brodsky of MyGoodEye.and fully mixed audio recorded by Elmo Ortega, produced by Spencer Charnas & mixed by Steve Sopchak. Tickets are available here.

Speaking on the very special sold-out hometown show, Spencer Charnas, frontman and creative visionary of Ice Nine Kills says:

“The Worcester Palladium holds a very special place in the heart of INK’s history. On September 22nd, 2000, I [Spencer Charnas] attended a Goldfinger/Mest concert there that changed the course of my life. I knew after that incredibly high-energy show that I wanted to dedicate my life to writing and performing my own music. One year later, INK’s first show would take place on the very same stage at a battle of the bands that we did not win. The concert is pictured in this album insert. 18 years later we sold out the very same 3,000 capacity venue and recorded this live album there—a full circle moment that I will never forget. This album is dedicated to the INK psychos who allow us to make murder and mayhem an actual career.”

The video for "Stabbing In The Dark" was also released earlier today, you can see it below.

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American horror-centered metalcore band Ice Nine Kills announced on Wednesday the impending release of a live album from their sold out show at the Worcester Palladium in Massachssets on November 30th 2019. According to that first announcement, the album is due October 30th. 

In the early hours of Friday, vocalist Spencer Charnas released the first sample off the album as a treat, in the form of the single "Stabbing In The Dark", promising more info in the morning.

From what we've gathered so far, the album will be called "I Heard They KILL Live!" and will feature 19 tracks. With the cover, the band  pays homage to NOFX's "I Heard They Suck Live", also using a very similar visual to the original artwork where most slasher killers from their latest album have gathered to watch INK perform. 

"I Heard They Kill Live" track listing:

01. Thank God It's Friday

02. The Jig Is Up


04. The Nature Of The Beast 

05. The World In My Hands 

06. Communion Of The Cursed 

07. A Grave Mistake 

08. Your Number's Up 

09. Rocking The Boat 

10. Merry Axe-Mas 

11. Thriller 

12. Hell In The Hallways 

13. Stabbing In The Dark 

14. The Fastest Way To A Girl's Heart Is Through Her Ribcage

15. Love Bites 

16. Tess-Timony 

17. Me, Myself And Hyde

18. The American Nightmare 

19. IT Is The End 

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