Mayday Parade - "Out Of Here" EP

Mayday Parade will be releasing a refreshing new three song EP through Rise Records on October 16th of 2020.

I’m being totally serious. Any kind of new music that gets me excited enough is more than welcome after seven long months of not going to any shows at all and whilst being in a state of non-expectancy of fresh material from bands you love; even if it’s coming from artists you may have otherwise let brush by you. 

During the spring quarantine, the one truly uplifting thing - besides walking through a post-apocalyptic city of 5 million inhabitants each day - was my coincidental discovering of an online punk rock / pop punk playlist that gets updated regularly with new addition addicting songs by new and older, really well known or totally unknown bands; I literally updated my musical library by tens of bands overnight! That was my first real encounter with Mayday Parade, a pop rock / punk band from Florida in the States, which always revolved as a musical entity around my ever expanding pop punk universe but was never met with any real enthusiasm. The song at hand was "It Is What It Is"; it did make my playlist, as a really solid modern pop rock song, yet everything else I checked out by them at the time considering past releases didn’t have a fixating effect on me. But then, what do you know? The pandemic keeps hitting in an incredibly resounding way and Mayday Parade’s new EP “Out of Here” is presented to be reviewed by yours truly and, well, it sounds great! Am I implying that a significant drought in live shows and general creativity in the arts makes mediocre things stand out? No! Sometimes you just connect with something at an exact point in time which feels just right. 

To be absolutely fair, the three-song EP hosting two full rock on pop punk songs and one semi-acoustic rock song is brilliantly produced, super catchy and very well structured, giving the EP a distinct character of its own. I feel like the band has taken a generous step away from being extremely generic while still showcasing how much of a great singer Derek Sanders really is. “Out of Here” is totally worth checking out if you’re in any kind of a pop punk mood and think it’s about time for some positive vibes through emotionally heavy-ish music.


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