Live Coverage || Wage War @ Trix, 28/01/2020

Metalcore powerhouse Wage War returned to Europe for a string of shows. I was able to catch them in Antwerp alongside Ded and Thornhill.

Thornhill opens the evening in the most dynamic way. The band was very entertaining to see and the crowd was familiar with their music. It was the first time I caught them live but loved how the clean vocals sounded live. Their overall presence was very good and they managed to properly warm the crowd up, which is not always the case for opening acts. We should also note that during the first song, members of Wage War started putting big plant pots on stage. By the end of the song, Thornhill was surrounded by about 30 big plants, which was a hilarious sight, with both them and Wage War laughing their asses off.
Ded was up next. I wasn't familiar with them and their music didn't grow on me. They felt weird on this lineup and the audience didn't enjoy them like they did with Thornhill.. They were were alright to watch but not impressive.

Time had come for Wage War to go on stage. The band was on fire and I absolutely adored their show. Cody's (guitar) clean vocals were on point while Chris and Seth (bass and guitar) had huge smiles on their faces throughout the set like they usually do. Stephen killed it at the drums and Briton (vocals) maintained a great communication with the crowd all night, which is very important for a frontman. The set was great, all my favorite songs were there. 
Overall, the evening was amazing. I had a great time and I'm looking forward to Wage War's return in May.

All pictures courtesy of Sara Velez Herrero.

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