Live Coverage || Polar @ AN Club, 30/1/2020

British melodic hardcore heroes, Polar, visited Athens on January 30th for the first time. Support was provided by local acts Bring Back Persephone and Skybinder.

Polar made up for the show that was cancelled in the beginning of last year and being already familiar with the band, I was very excited to kick off the year in such a good way. I also thought, rather foolishly as it turned out, that the band (much like many other bands in that genre) had a more devoted fanbase in our city and was certain that our local community would support the show. Not exactly the case. Despite the low turnout, the audience which wasn't very active during the opening acts, was more enthusiastic when Polar went on. 

The band went through some changes in 2019, with drummer Nick Jones and guitarist Tom Green leaving in order to focus on their mental health and other projects. Bassist Jonny Browman moved to guitar and longtime friend and photographer Gav Thane assumed bass duties. This show, however, found the band performing as a quartet, without bass guitar. 
With Polar continuing the touring cycle for their latest album, "Nova", the setlist was expected to revolve around new tunes. For the most part, kids were very receptive, although it wasn't until "Blood For Blood" and "Black Days" where some of us got to sing along. 
Polar displayed a great energy, proving why they are considered one of the most interesting bands in their scene. I look forward to catching them again at an intimate show soon.

All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell photography.

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