Live Coverage || Use Your Collusion tour @ Islington Academy, 4/12/2019

Gwar spent the end of November and most of December on the Use Your Collusion tour, destroying Europe and the UK alongside thrash metal veterans Voivod and Spanish metallers Childrain. 

I was able to catch the show in London on December 4th. Childrain went on first. Their blend of modern metal and -core influences wasn't exactly my cup of tea but their stage presence was impressive. Canadian behemoths Voivod were greeted by a packed venue and did their best to keep their fans off their feet, going back and forth on their entire catalog.
It had been 9 years since I last saw Gwar and I was curious how they would perform, and most importantly move, on that stage in full body armor. During the second song, the band squirted fake blood all over us -and as photographers, we had been warned and minded the mess, the kids in the front rows... not so much. After about an hour of gore 'n' roll, Gwar made the grand exit, having made their statement and reminding us what their show is all about: theatrics, horror and friendly (satirical) violence. 

All pictures courtesy of Peterson Marti photography.

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