Lotus Eater debut brand new video

After days of teasing fans online, Scottish gloom-metal band Lotus Eater have officially entered a new era with the release of “Second to None”. "This feeling inside, it will never die” shares the band on this next chapter. “Second to None embodies all obsessive behaviour. A romance between fact & fiction. As Gloom starts to fade away, we bring forth a new shade".

“Second To None” is the follow up to the band’s debut Hopeless Records release "Social Hazard" earlier this year. 

Hailing from the streets of Glasgow, Lotus Eater formed in 2016 after parting various projects to create a gloom force to be reckoned with. The quintet combine remorseless, down-tuned groove and claustrophobic atmosphere to utterly traumatizing effect. 

The band has gone on to tour with the likes of Issues, Make Them Suffer, Heart of a Coward, Loathe, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Traitors and more. 

With this new era on the horizon, Lotus Eater are only just getting started.
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