Live Coverage || Dragon Fire tour @ Backstage Werk, 14/11/2019

The Dragon Fire tour, the beautiful package including Sick Of It All, Comeback Kid, Cancer Bats and This Means War, rolled through Munich on November 14th.

I had been looking forward to that day for the longest time and upon my arrival at the venue, kids had already started gathering inside the room.
This Means War replaced Additional Time on this leg of the tour and they were a very interesting start of the night. Their vivid punk rock was very appealing but unfortunately they didn't attract many kids to the front.
Up next was the motherfucking Cancer Bats. I have nothing but love for this band. The quartet, missing a certain Scott Middleton, did a fantastic job from the first note. Their energy was unparalleled, as they didn't stay still for a single second and, even though they played in a big room, their show felt very intimate. They kicked off the set with "Gatekeeper" and kept going, playing all the fan favorite hits. Although there was still space in front of the stage, a couple was vibing really hard, singing along to most songs and trying to get people to mosh. Now, that's dedication.
Comeback Kid followed. The room was almost full when the other Canadians took the stage with "False Idols Fall". Very on point and fascinating as always, they got the kids pumped like it was no big deal. Vocalist Andrew Neufeld jumped on the barrier numerous times to share the mic with fans, all while guitarist Stu Ross and bassist Chase Brenneman were stomping the stage and doing split jumps. The anthemic "Wake The Dead" closed the performance as usual, with crowdsurfers and huge singalongs.
Time had come for the headliners, the veterans Sick Of It All, to teach Munich what New York hardcore is all about. And they did. Queue an incendiary start with "Injustice System", "Clobberin' Time" (which thankfully the security couldn't tell was a separate song), "Inner Vision" and "Take The Night Off". Moshpits were raging at that point, to the amusement of the band. The restless Pete Koller was jumping up and down, while his brother, Lou, split the crowd in two for a wall of death at the intro of "Scratch The Surface". People were singing along the entire time and by the time "Us Vs. Them", the final song, resounded, the room was still echoing with our voices.

All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell photography.

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