Live Coverage || Never Say Die! tour @ SO36, 18/11/2019

On November 18th the famous Never Say Die! Tour 2019 rolled through Berlin once again. Every fall I get exited to go to this mini festival and they never disappoint with their lineups. This year had some really good bands on board.

The evening started with a metalcore band called Great American Ghost from the US, which I'd never heard of before seeing them, but they were amazing! I even bought a shirt, so that was a good start. Next up were on of my favorite discoveries of 2019, Alpha Wolf. It was my second time seeing them after they performed at Impericon Fest, earlier this year. I just love their energy and I was so happy to see the Australians play in Europe again. Shortly after, Polar from the UK entered the stage. What can I say, I just love going to Polar shows. They're so much fun live and I get so exited every time they come here because I know I'm guaranteed a good time. Another UK band, called Our Hollow, Our Home came on after. I had definitely heard of them before and I know a couple songs but I don't know them super well. They played a great show and I'm exited to see them again in the future and by then i'll have listened to more of their music for sure. Next up were King810 from the US. I never listened to their music before but I heard their name a bunch of times. They weren't my cup of tea, however, but I still appreciated their show. 
Moving on with In Hearts Wake. I only discovered them a year ago and it was my first time seeing them play over here. I really liked their song choices. Lot's of older stuff , which the OG fans also seemed to appreciate, great vocals, good vibes. Last but not least Crystal Lake went on. I've heard so much about this band's shows so I was stoked to see what the fuss is actually about. I was sold from the first second. Their singer has insane vocals and he knows how to use it. I sadly couldn't stay for the whole show, but i'm super exited for them to come back. 
Never Say Die! tour 2019 was a full on success. Can't wait for next year!

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography.

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