Live Coverage || Boston Manor @ Musik & Frieden, 27/10/2019

British pop punk sensation Boston Manor played in Berlin at Musik&Frieden as part of their European tour, with support from Modern Error who are also from the UK.

I enjoyed how they only had one support band and Modern Error were truly the best choice
to fill that spot. They were a little bit on the heavy side but still within the rock-ish
genre. I liked their sound and their performance.
Then Boston Manor went on with “Liquid”, a personal favorite song.
Their setlist consisted of a good mix of older and newer music, which the fans seemed to
like a lot. I’m not much of a fan of their old stuff but I absolutely love their newer songs. I really enjoyed that concert and I would totally want to come out to see them again in the future!
Great show, great performance and happy fans. What else could you ask for on a Sunday night?

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography

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