Delain reveals new video

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Following up on their critically acclaimed EP, Hunter’s Moon, released earlier this year via Napalm Records, Delain have stunned fans around the world once again with their brand new single, “Burning Bridges.” 

Juxtaposing multiple genres and musical landscapes, “Burning Bridges” not only confirms the fascinating duality of Delain’s concept, but also allows Wessels to unleash her hard rock-tinged charisma in melodic chorus – the central point of the diverse song structure. Combined with the music video’s breathtaking aesthetics, “Burning Bridges” is in line to become a signature track amidst Delain’s catalog – combining gripping guitar solos, cinematic instrumentals, and outstanding vocal performances.  

After creating suspense with the previous release of two video teasers, Delain unfolds the entire story in their new music video. 

The band states: “We are proud to present "Burning Bridges", the first track off our sixth full studio album. With its energy and bombast the track marries some of our favorite musical elements, and introduces a real life choir as a new color on our palate. We hope you enjoy the track, along with its video, shot in beautiful Snowdonia.” 

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