Jinjer returns with new album, shares single

Following up on the release of their most recent full-length album, 2016’s "King of Everything", and this year’s "Micro" EP, Ukrainian modern metal frontrunners Jinjer return with their game changing new album, "Macro". The album is set to be released via Napalm Records on October 25, 2019 (pre-orders can be found here). Punishing riffs, aggressively blended vocals and astonishingly deep lyrics make Macro their most advanced and undeniable album yet – taking the listener on a journey of trauma, power struggle and greed with a progressive groove metal backdrop.  

Jinjer on Macro: 
“Going from small things to bigger ones is the natural order of things, and we've paved a path from “MICRO” to “MACRO”, carrying the weight of feelings, emotions and experience. This is a monumental point in the story of Jinjer, the quintessence of what makes us what we are now as the people and as a band. We are proud of every single note sung and played on “MACRO” and can't wait for you to give it a listen!”

In addition to announcing the release of their new album, Jinjer have released a new single and official video, entitled “Judgement (& Punishment)”. "How many times have we reacted harshly to something just because we simply do not understand it? It seems like there is an innate human trait in all of us, when there is something unknown or unfamiliar that we tend to question the substance, to attack and finally to destroy it ... just like primitive apes. But when it strikes back it might be too much to bare. Every action causes a reaction. Judgement (& Punishment) is a reaction. Just keep that in mind." 

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